Sexy Surfer – blurb reveal

I’m super excited to reveal the blurb for my upcoming novel in Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club world. It’s worth noting that this book will be written under a pen name as it is aimed a more mature readers than some of those who read my Young Adult novels.

Fun fact: I woke up at 3am one night/morning with the sudden urge to write book. Still half asleep, I jotted down some notes and was surprised to find in the morning that my brilliant idea for a book was about a goat-sitting surfer in a hippie van. And that’s how Sexy Surfer was born.

But here it is, let me know what you think and for more details please checkout Lovers Lane  on Facebook!


It’s hard to believe in love when you’re twenty-eight and divorced because your cheating husband couldn’t keep his hands off his assistant. And it’s not the kind of inspiration a bestselling romance novelist needs either.


So, what’s a writer to do when suffering from a major case of writer’s block? I answer an ad to house sit in Hermosa Beach, and end up taking care of a blind, fainting goat.


My attempt to find inspiration is an epic fail—until a hot Australian pro surfer knocks on the door claiming to be the owner’s best friend.


After Chance confirms Bodhi is who he says he is, I have no choice but to let him inside the house. While Bodhi makes himself at home, I’m not exactly thrilled with the living arrangements.


With his tanned body and ripped abs, Bodhi is nothing but a pain in my behind. He’s a distraction I can’t afford.


But Bodhi makes it impossible for me to ignore him. He’s all sunshine and rainbows and I’m the unicorn with a stick up her ass.


Yet, the more time I spend with him, the more inspired I feel to write the best love story ever.


My own.


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